Heathen Highlights

Welcome to this new feature we've started called Heathen Highlights--where I, your host, Dr. Jerry Jaffe, the world's most highly educated stand up comedian & THE Comical Heathen, share withy you some our favorite clips over the past 2 seasons!


Here is a directory of the HH's so far!


Heathen Highlights#1: Lewis Black on September 11th. (May 15)

Heathen Highlights #2: Lewis Black discusses satire in the age of Trump (May 22)

Heathen Highlights #3: Steve Hofstetter on why satire is important (May 29)

Heathen Highlights #4: The Comical Heathen rants about nudity at religious sites (June 5)

Heathen Highlights #5: PZ Myers on Creationism (June 12)

Heathen Highlights #6: Ben Radford on Horror Movies (June 19)


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