The Comical Heathen Episode Sixteen: P.Z. Myers


I have been a fan of the science blog Pharyngula for many years, so it is with great pleasure that I was able to interview its host P.Z. Myers. P.Z. is a biology professor at the University of Minnesota-Morris campus and he is also the author of the book The Happy Atheist. We chat about science education, spiders, Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Atheism versus New Atheism, and the role of humor in the atheism debate. He describes meeting Tim Minchin at the 2012 Reason Rally (Jealous!). This episode also includes an update from the rabbit hutch and my rant about the flooding at the replica Ark at the Creation Museum (irony much!).


PZ Myer’s Blog Pharyngula:



His Book: The Happy Atheist:



Ark Park Rain damage:


Florida charter schools teaching creationism:


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