The Comical Heathen S2 E10:John Poveromo


Season 2 Episode 10: John Poveromo


Show Notes


Featuring a conversation from February of 2021, shortly after John and I had just done our part to help set the record for longest live-streamed comedy show!  Crazy stuff like running for city council and directing The Merry Wives of Windsor knocked this one back a smidge but I am proud to share it with you now!  Includes my rant about the importance of evidence in wild claims, as inspired by the dozens of lost court cases by Alex Jones and Donald Trump.


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Press on Richie Byrne and Mark Riccadonna and their podcast "Drinks, Jokes, and Storytelling" streaming on Twitch to break the world record for a standup comedy show (and raise money for two charities):


"Alex Jones must pay damages to Sandy Hook families in another defamation case, judge rules".


"By the numbers: President Donald Trump's failed efforts to overturn the election."


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