The Comical Heathen S2 E11: talking ghosts w/ Ben Radford



After coming across some recent "news" reports of ghost sightings during the ongoing pandemic, I realized it was time to bring back special guest Ben Radford, investigator of the extraordinary extraordinaire!   Ben is a Research Fellow at the Center for Inquiry, having researched many topics in addition to ghosts, such as UFOs, chupacabra, and Killer Clowns.  He also recently published his own article on this pseudoscientific pseudonews.   This episode includes guest co-host Aaron Kozbial and my rant about why I think ghosts and transformers are basically the same thing now!


Ben's website:

Ben's podcast, Squaring the Strange:

Ben's book on ghost-hunting:   Investigating Ghosts: The Scientific Search for Spirits 


Aaron's website:


Show notes:

"Quarantining with a Ghost?  It's Scary" By Molly Fitzpatrick


"Haunted house reports on the rise during pandemic, says paranormal researcher" by As it Happens, CBC radio.


"The Science (and Non-Science) of Ghosts" by Ben Radford.


"When Sony Accidentally Launched Camcorders That Could 'See Through' People’s Clothes" by Aditya Tiwari


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