The Comical Heathen S2 E8: Lewis Black


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This episode features my recent conversation with Lewis Black.  From his many comedy specials and TV appearances, including The Daily Show, and his work as an actor as seen on The Big Bang Theory (2009), Inside Out (2015), The Last Laugh (2019) and many more, Lewis is known as one of this generation's leading satirists.  We discuss his 2002 Comedy Central Presents episode in which he discuses the then-recent events of September 11.  He also talks about his influences, his ideas about satire, and his upcoming tour.  Also on this episode is guest co-host, calling in from Japan, Jeff Gedert.  Jeff is most famous for producing the original theme music for the podcasts Gold Star Classroom, The Action Comedy Nerd Show, and us, The Comical Heathen.  (Thank you Jeff!).  We debrief the interview, give our reactions, and discuss this so-called book I claim to be so-called writing!  Enjoy!


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